Thanks for landing here! It's time to unleash the power of sales funnels - and there's no better way than getting face-to-face help from an expert. Together, if you're serious, we can develop and strategically build a sales funnel that you can repeat again and again. You'll be able to build the live you crave - but only if you're ready to do the work.

Please fill out this form to apply to work with me. If after reviewing your application it feels like we're a good fit for each other, then I will reach out personally to schedule a time for us to chat.

We'll spend about 30 minutes together, and if it feels like a good fit, then I will take you on as a client so we can take your business and your LIFE to the next level.

(Note: I'm very selective because this is how I can assure your success if we choose to work together. I have limited openings, so only click if you're serious).

Our time together requires you to fully invest in yourself. My rates start at $647. To qualify for this 30 minute session, please only apply if you're ready to fully commit to yourself and your business. 

Warmly, Maat
First & last name

Best email to reach you

Website URL (so I can do a little spying!)

Tell me about your email list - who are you using for your list management (MailChimp, Convert Kit, etc) and your current list size. 

(The email service you use or list numbers don't impact whether we can work together, it just gives me an idea of where you're at so I know the potential of where we can go together).

Are you using any landing page service such as Leadpages or Thrive?

How are you currently driving traffic to your opt ins?

Tell me about your social media outreach. Where are you active and what is your friend/following count? Are you active on Facebook Live or Periscope? 

(Your numbers don't impact whether we can work together, it just gives me an idea of where you're at so I can know the potential of where we can go together).

When you think about your business and life, what's most important for you to achieve? Where do you want to be? (Focus first on the feeling and then work into what needs to happen in your business/life for you to experience that feeling).

What other programs or courses have you worked with?

When you really think about your business, what do you feel is really holding you back from achieving your business goals right now? (Both in your head, your self confidence, and external needs).

How much do you know about sales funnels? Have you constructed one before?

(Your answer doesn't impact whether we can work together, it just gives me a sense of where you're at, so I know the potential of our time together).

How serious are you about achieving the goals you shared on this application? 

(1 - I'm still making excuses to 5 - I'm ready to drop the BS and do whatever it takes to get there).

If we should decide to work together, tell me: What are you bringing to the table that lets me know you're someone I should work with?

How much have you made in your business over the last 3 months?(Your answer doesn't impact whether we will work together, it just gives me a sense of where you're at).

What are your monthly money goal for the next year? What is the minimum you'd like to make? What amount would make you happy? What monthy money goal would have you jumping out of your skin with excitement?

What excites you about working with me?

What hesitations do you have about working with me?

Who do you serve and how do you serve them (your target audience)? What are your gifts?

Describe the perfect scenario of us working together. What would be the most ideal working relationship between the two of us? What would you expect/hope to achieve after we've completed our work together?

Maat, if I decide to work with you and you decide to work with me, I can find a way to invest in myself, my business, and my future (without any drama, excuses, stories, or playing small) and show up for myself in the way I was meant to be.

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